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My Cooking books

The second and newest cookbook "Get Crazy in the Kitchen" is a recipe book. Published in April 2017.

This book costs € 10, - excluding shipping costs. You can order it in English or Dutch.

The first book "The Cooking Conditions of Frans Steijger" is a book about the experience I have gained during the first 30 years as a cook and a chapter about nutrition and my experience with it. Published in 2013

This book costs € 5, - excluding shipping costs. At the moment only available in Dutch.

Proud as a monkey that I am at myself and very satisfied with my booklets.

The booklets can be ordered by clicking HERE or by sending an E-mail to:

See below a photo with the preface of the booklets, so you get an impression of the content.


I often worked together with Frans as a cook. When Frans asked me to write the preface for his new book "Get Crazy in the Kitchen" I did not doubt. Of course I like to write something about Frans as a cook and as a friend.

Frans and I share a passion for cooking. Frans has a very positive attitude to life. Someone who sees the pan half full rather than half empty. Someone who supports you with everything he owns and only expects a homemade apple pie in return. Thanks to Frans, I got my first job for 80 people where I could try what it feels like to do such a job on my own. So I like to give something in return with these words I write now.

Frans is a cook that walks into a kitchen without a plan, and with very little he prepares a meal for 100 people. With a drill, toilet brush * and a big bucket of water, Frans peels 30 kilos of potatoes in a couple of minutes. Yes, that really happened J.

At that same festival, Frans made an ice-cream tower, that I fondly remember a few years later: a frozen tower of orgasmic pleasure for eyes and tongue.
I rarely have seen Frans cooking with a recipe, ingredients find their way into the pan intuitively. Once in the pan it’s like the food is cooking itself. Cooking looks very easy if you see Frans doing it. 

Another characteristic of Frans while cooking is his drive that seems endless. No challenge is too big, doing it without holding back and all that with lots of fun. Frans is a cook who knows his job. A man who cooks as if it were as simple as breathing.


For me, the title of this book is actually describing Frans very well: “Get Crazy in the Kitchen". Frans dares to be crazy, dares to be himself, and that is reflected in his cooking when he dares, all of a sudden, add that crazy ingredient to the simmering chickpease. Frans has guts. Frans is "Get Crazy in the Kitchen".

"Get Crazy in the Kitchen" gives you a peek into the cuisine of Frans and helps you try making his recipes in your own kitchen. Definitely recommended for both novice cooks as well as for experienced ones.


Love, Ruud van Tienen


"Keep your heart open and your knife sharp"



 * With a new toilet brush J.

"De Kookperikelen van Frans Steijger"

The book is unfortunately in dutch. It is translated as soon as possible in English


Part 1 Cooking events and the life of Frans 1982 through 2012
Here I tell my background as a starting cook and the development that I have going through. It is also a piece of history of me as a cook. It is therefore about my life as a cook, a small description of how that is for me, what I find so nice and wath I find less fun and how that has developed. The process of Frans as a cook

Certainly also very interesting to read for novice cooks, to get an impression of how such a lifeas a cook  looks like.
Part 2 food is personal
Food has always been important to me, and to whom not? It has kept me busy over the past 30 years. It fascinates me because I often suffered from what I had eaten and it was not good. Research of mainly the type of food, its digestion and what feels good to eat has been a part of writing this book. I have been struggling with food for years and did try a lot. I have immersed myself in many cookbooks, in an alternative field, in foreign cuisines, diets, meat, fish, raw food, instinctive eating, vegan and vegetarian possibilities. It was a very big adventure to figure to figer out al the things about food. Now it is so far that everything has fallen into his place and it became clear to me how it works now with that food and your body.

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