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 Arrangements are available from 25 up to 500 people. They range from a full package (breakfast, lunch, dinner and all-day coffee and tea) to for instance dinner only.


  • Multiple day retreats / grouptrainings

  • Buffets, eg. a hot / cold buffet with salads

  • Festivals (larger groups up to 500 people)

  • Cook on location

  • Business sector


Proper care is important and a tasty and varied meal promotes atmosphere. Care and attention to the food combined with appropriate ingredients of original recipes makes it tastes good for everybody. After all, I am there in order to let people enjoy.



I am specialized in:


  • Vegetarian / vegan cuisine

  • Indian

  • Ayurvedic cuisine

  • Diets (gluten free, dairy free, soy-free, etc.)

  • Mandala-salads

  • Cooking for spiritual centers

  • Preparing fish and meat only if biologically justified





Because needs and desires very often vary and also depend on group size, facilities and diets it is difficult to give a simple price tag. Usually I work with an all-in rate per person or a daily rate and do the purchase myself.


In recent years I worked as a vegetarian cook for various centers Click here for a selection.

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