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Frans Steijger


Born in 1961 as a small boy and now big and grown up, but still with that little child in me.


I cook already for over 36 years as a profesional cook and as vegetarian cook more than 22 years.

Since 1997 I have my own cooking company FDinero. Besides vegetarian cook I am intensely involved in art, jewelry, and metal forms Click on it and you can view my art website


In my arts as well as in my profession as a vegetarian cook I am was strongly inspired by mandalas. In cooking this manifests itself in the salads (see elsewhere on this site). Often my jewelry are small mandalas in the form of for instance a brooch. Nowadays I also make different jewelry.


Since 9 years I live partly in Bali and I did married almost 7 year with Martini from Jakarta. I am usually in the summer 4 months in Europe (but if the need me in the kitchen sometimes also in the winter time) to cook for groups from 25 to more than 500 people. I do this especially for all kinds of retreats, festivals and come to many different centers and beautiful places. I am a world cook and sometimes I also l travel to different parts of the world for cooking.

At Bali I especially writing books, until now 3, and organize spiritual tours into the rain forest from Kalimantan. see:


                 6 year old                                        23 year old                                            2014



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