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.. on the site of vegan / vegetarian cook Frans Steijger. Are you looking for a vegetarian cook? Then you are here at the right spot. More than 22 years I am already working as a vegan / vegetarian cook. Besides tasty my food is also nice-looking. I love to create mandalas out of the salads. Yes, you are a vegan / vegetarian cook or not.


Since 1997 I own my private cook-company, cooking mainly vegetarian / vegan / Ayurvedic and Indian for groups. I cook mostly for people I feel connected to and for people doing something in the field of Awareness.


I prefer to use plant-based ingredients of as much as possible of biological quality. At the same time, of course,  my goal is that it tastes delicious to everone. Our taste and smell are important senses. I am here to let people enjoy my cook art and to pamper them. Good care and attention to the food, completes the day and promotes the atmosphere! Quality and appearance are very important to me. When the food looks attractive, it also gets more power of attraction.


In the last 36 years I gained a lot of experience in cooking for smaller (from 5 people) and larger groups (up to 500 people) in both the private sector as well as in business, restaurants, festivals and events. My flexibility and passion for cooking originated from bistros as well as 2-star restaurants. As a vegetarian cook I am totally in my element and eager to meet all kinds of challenges.

What they say about me?

Peter van de Griendt

Top sport is what Frans does in the kitchen. But at the same time is the result of sophisticated taste and appearance.


Centrum Merkaba

As Frans is in the kitchen, we're sure the meals being prepared with love, the food  looking beautiful and the taste is delicious. Frans is someone who can connect easily with each group.


Centrum Malsche Land

With care and attention, tasty, sophisticated, beautiful and tastefully prepared. A feast for the eyes ... enjoy! 


Giep van Werven

Many years manicured Frans in my workshops meals.Always paying attention, always very tasty and always prepared with love



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